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January 2016 How-To You Tube: How to Not Wing it – Have a Business Plan

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From Vice President Michael Perlis, “In this month’s video, Eve talks about the importance of planning. I can’t agree more. My experience is that the most common reason that businesses fail is lack of planning. I just want to add to this the importance of “running the numbers”.  Budgeting and forecasting…

“How To: Not set a Resolution, Instead, Write Down a Goal”

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How To: Be Thankful When You Don’t Feel Thankful

How to: Successfully Collaborate with Others

Eve Bushman Consulting September 2015 YouTube: Clients and Campaigns

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How to: Keep Promises Made by Your Business

How To: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly and Engaging

How To: Plan for Summer, AKA a Slow Down in Your Biz

May 2015 How To You Tube: How to Get Things Done at Work

How to: Pay Your Taxes on Time – Or Anything you Dread Doing in Your Biz

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How to: Raise Your Voice

How to: Raise the Bar in Your Business

How to: Make Your Emails Professional

How To: Plan Your Marketing Stategy for 2015

November 2014 YouTube: How To Market Wisely During the Holidays

October 2014 How To: Get Your Name Out There By Helping Non-Profits

Eve Bushman of sharing how helping non-profits gets her branding in the news and adds to the credibility of her brand and business.

How To Do An Unscripted Video For Your Business

How To Increase Your Reach Through Your Website

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Eve Bushman, of, giving away all of her tricks that get people to check out her website daily.

How To Get Your Name Out There with an E-Book

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Eve shares how she learned about the Amazon Kindle free program, and how her short e-book had over 1,500 downloads within the first five days. Learn more: and

How to Target Your Target Audience

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Eve shares two minutes of the wrong and right ways to market your business successfully to the right target audience.

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