How to: Work Well (or Not) Under Pressure

We’ve all heard some variation of the expression “if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” Just a cliche? I don’t think so. And neither does Eve as she talks about the importance of identifying those people in your organization who thrive on the stress…

January 2018 How To: Maximize an Interview Regarding Your Business

Happy New Year! With the start of 2018, we thought sharing with you the story about the start of Eve Bushman Consulting would be in order. Here’s Eve being interviewed on KHTS discussing just that. Maybe it will inspire you to kick off the new year with a new venture…

Dec 2017 How To: Make a Much Needed Change

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…Turn and face the strange.” I’ve always wanted to work some David Bowie lyrics into an intro. This month, Eve talks about how to get changes done so you can turn and face your strange. Michael C. Perlis Vice President – Eve Bushman Consulting [fka Eve’s Wine 101 Consulting] (…

How To: Do Cocktails on the Roof (or any event)

Ever wonder how to get involved with putting on a non-profit event? This month, Eve shares some [but not all!] of her tips when she discusses how she has collaborated with members of the WiSH foundation by creating and working on the annual Cocktails on the Roof event, which is…

How To: Be a Brainstormer – Explained

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in one’s own little work world. Brainstorming with others helps you to see things from a different perspective. In this month’s video, Eve explains how setting up a Brainstormers group enables you to do this on a regular basis. Michael C. Perlis Vice…

How to: Not to Be a Ball Dropper

We all have to deal with flaky people. But, are you sure people don’t perceive you as a flake? Since perception = reality, let’s listen to Eve tell us how to keep this from happening. Michael C. Perlis Vice President – Eve Bushman Consulting [fka Eve’s Wine 101 Consulting] (

How To: Upsell Without a Canned Speech

Have you heard the expression “sincerity sells”? If you haven’t, please pay special attention to this month’s video as Eve discusses how to upsell your client to the best possible result. Michael C. Perlis Vice President – Eve Bushman Consulting [fka Eve’s Wine 101 Consulting] (

How To: Be Presentation Ready

I wasn’t so sure about Eve’s video this month, until I thought about how the simple act of wearing my Eve’s Wine 101 or my Eve Bushman Consulting badge to events enhances my own credibility. And the last bit of advice she offers is golden. Give it a watch. Michael C….

How To: See From Your Client’s Perspective

Did you ever hear the expression “perception is reality?” In this month’s video, Eve talks about how to look at your business through your customers’ eyes. How your customer perceives your business will ultimately impact your reality, including your bottom line. Michael C. Perlis Vice President – Eve Bushman Consulting…

How to: Advertise Your Achievements

You work hard. When your hard work pays off and you are recognized for your accomplishments, it is important to let the world know. Who will tell them if you don’t? Here, Eve talks about giving yourself the public back-pats you deserve. Michael C. Perlis Vice President – Eve Bushman…

How to: Train for the Long Term

Our normally loquacious Eve gives us a short but powerful message –it really comes down to being proactive versus reactive in order to get your employees to perform according to your standards. Check it out… Michael C. Perlis Vice President – Eve Bushman Consulting [fka Eve’s Wine 101 Consulting] (

How to: Successfully Collaborate with Others

How to: Keep Promises Made by Your Business

How To: Plan for Summer, AKA a Slow Down in Your Biz

May 2015 How To You Tube: How to Get Things Done at Work

How to: Raise the Bar in Your Business

Raise the Bar by Jon Taffer is a Good Read for ANY Business Owner

In the words of Fat Amy in the trailer for Pitch Perfect Two when she crashes down the dormitory stairs on a sledding disc, Jon Taffer also “Crushed it” in his book Raise the Bar. I’ve never watched the show, Bar Rescue, however who isn’t familiar with Taffer and the…

How to: Make Your Emails Professional

November 2014 YouTube: How To Market Wisely During the Holidays

October 2014 How To: Get Your Name Out There By Helping Non-Profits

Eve Bushman of sharing how helping non-profits gets her branding in the news and adds to the credibility of her brand and business.