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How To: Stop Marketing Yourself

This month our How To: Market Yourself video is more of a How To: Stop Marketing Yourself. Give Eve a listen…it may be your last chance. Cryptically yours, Michael Perlis, Eve Bushman Consulting.

How to: Celebrate Eve’s Birthday and Support a Non Profit

Ever wonder what to you get your favorite wine person for their birthday? No, I’m not talking about your significant other, family member or friend. I’m talking about your very own SCV Wine [and so much more] conduit Eve Bushman. This month, believe it or not, she talks about what…

How (And Why) To Attend the Nightclub and Bar Show

“80 percent of success in life is just showing up.”  Woody Allen said that. Now whether or not you are a Woody Allen fan isn’t the issue. The point is – what are you doing with the other 20%? This month, Eve talks about the upcoming Nightclub and Bar Show…

How to: Ensure Good Customer Service

With so many competing products and services, sometimes the most important thing you can do to differentiate your business is to provide great customer service that goes above and beyond. Eve provides some great advice on this topic. Be sure to watch to the end to get an especially good…

January 2019: How to Build it and They Will Come

Have you heard the expression “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”? What about “Build it and they will come” from Field of Dreams? Sounds great, right? Just pursue your dream and the customers will follow. Too bad that’s not how the world…

Dec 2018: Showing You Some of Our Clients Over the Years + We Are Grateful For Your Business!

Dear Business Friends, Instead of a new video this month we backed up a bit and thought, heck yes, let’s give you a two-minute snapshot of the different clients and campaigns Eve Bushman Consulting has worked with over the years. It might just inspire you with an out-of-the-box idea of…

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