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For wineries, wine stores, bars and restaurants Eve Bushman Consulting will:

  • Examine your existing internal and external marketing to seek improvement
  • Find your “Purple Cow
  • Examine your branding for possible improvement
  • Examine your pricing for possible improvement
  • Run productive agenda-driven staff meetings where notes are transcribed into policy, thereby creating a training manual.
  • Study your social networking and advise if improvement needed
  • Social Network Training
  • Format, and write if needed, e-newsletters
  • Study your website and advise if need improvement
  • Write and send out news releases
  • Plan and execute events
  • Provide wine service training (See this short YouTube sample)
  • Provide wine service training for home parties and/or events
  • Review your by-the-glass selections, wine list and cocktail menu
  • Write up tasting notes, wine and cocktail descriptions
  • Food pairings
  • Produce short YouTube video(s)
  • E-Book for non brick and mortar businesses
  • Evaluate employees
  • Evaluate wine club if applicable
  • Evaluate existing demographic, establish target audience

2017 update: Eve Bushman Consulting specializes on restaurants, wineries and bar campaigns.

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