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Eve BushmanEve Bushman started consulting over 20 years ago. At the time she was a dental office manager and running a dental office manager’s group. Then one day a new dentist called her to ask her help in opening his practice. From there her career morphed to helping dozens of practices with issues ranging from hiring, motivating, internal marketing and external marketing.  Her company, another two-person project, was called Key Consulting and worked to “Unlock Your Practice Potential.”

Fast-forward, and a similar thing happened. Eve had been writing about wine while taking classes and attending events, since 2007. One day a non-profit planning a wine event called her for help. The word got out that Eve could use her new skills in social networking, as well as calling up her skills as a consultant, and soon a for-profit business planning a wine event called for help.

Eve has obtained a Level Two Intermediate Certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, has been the subject of a 60-minute Wine Immersion video, authored “Wine Etiquette for Everyone” and recently served as a guest judge for the L.A. International Wine Competition.  She has attended several marketing workshops and continuing education classes.  She keeps up with the industry by being an avid reader of marketing books that focus on “out of the box” ideas.

2015 Update: Voted as the Ultimate Female Consultant by Elite magazine readers in their inaugural contest. Created, marketed and co-hosted “Cocktails on the Roof” 2015, an event that benefited the WiSH Education Foundation.

2016 Update: Created, marketed and co-hosted “Cocktails on the Roof” 2016, an event that benefited the WiSH Education Foundation. Honored as one out of five recipients, in the category of Philanthropy and Hospitality, in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal newspaper’s Top 51 awards.

Working alongside her Vice President, Michael Perlis, the two started Eve’s Wine 101 Consulting. And soon, yes you guessed it, some of Eve’s former clients found her, and some new ones as well. Hence the latest morphing of consulting for both wine and non-wine based businesses, Eve Bushman Consulting.


(E-mail contact information available upon request)

  • Moe and Linda Hafizi, publishers, Elite Magazine of Santa Clarita
  • Dave Bossert, publisher, SCV Beacon
  • Marlee Lauffer, VP, Marketing and Communications, Newhall Land
  • Robert Reyes, Reyes Winery, Consulting Client
  • Dr. Kim Rosen, Consulting Client
  • Dr. David Tanner, Consulting Client
  • Guy Lelarge, owner, Valencia Wine Company, Consulting Client
  • Jeff Jacobson, Former Wine Chair of the Vine 2 Wine Classic, Consulting Client
  • Murray Wood, Chief Development Officer, College of the Canyons Foundation, Consulting Client
  • Joel Fisher, Founder, LA Wine Fest, Consulting Client
  • Amy Daniels, WiSH Ed. Foundation, Consulting Client
  • Ray Tippet, CEO Circle of Hope, Consulting Client
  • Judy Cox, Co-Owner, Mystic Hills Vineyard, Consulting Client
  • Shannon Hoffman, Director, Three Angels Children’s Relief
  • Steve Lemley, co-owner, Pulchella Winery, Consulting Client
  • Dr. Patrice Rifkind, Owner, Audiology Associates

More About Eve

In the following events Eve’s tasks included, but were not limited to, event management, partial to complete marketing control of event via social networks, articles and press releases, developing and designating “missionaries” to market event, local dignitary involvement/attendance, volunteer recruitment and/or recruitment of volunteer organizers, creation of VIP guest lists, development of physical event layout, photographers, overseeing programs, silent/live auction and procuring food/wine vendors:

  • Pour Into Haiti, 2010, Benefit to support Three Angels Children’s Relief Fund.
  • Relief for Japan, 2011; Benefit for tsunami relief.
  • Vine 2 Wine Classic, 2011
  • SCV Wine Fest, 2011
  • Pour Into Sandy 2012
  • SCV Wine Fest, 2012
  • WiSH event in Newhall Library 2013
  • Circle of Hope’s Vine 2 Wine Classic, 2013
  • Created, Marketed and Co-Hosted Cocktails on the Roof 2015
  • Created, Marketed and Co-Hosted Cocktails on the Roof 2016
  • Marketing of numerous other events in Santa Clarita and beyond

Other experience includes:

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