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Eve Bushman & Michael PerlisBusiness partners Eve Bushman and Michael Perlis have always given each other that necessary second set of eyes and ears to make sure their business plans adhere to their basic tenet: don’t take on clients that just want them to bring customers in, no, these two want to make sure that whatever business they bring people to, wine or non-wine-based, that they fix what may be wrong first.

Think about it: In a Google search of your business what comes up?  A negative Yelp review?  An inactive Facebook or Twitter account?  Your website…at the bottom of page one?  Or nothing at all?  If customers can’t find you, or worse yet, came once and never returned, why keep doing the same thing?  We are here to help re-build your business, thereby unlocking your real potential.  This way when we bring in a new customer, or an old one, they are more likely to come back.

How do we do that?  After insuring that everything about your brick and mortar business is good to go: Among the several bullet points we list on the “How We Work” tabs, Eve and Michael work with their clients in creating and implementing unique Purple Cow ideas – in an effort to make their client’s businesses stand apart from the pack.

Their motto has always been to “bring them in and bring them back.” Why else spend the money on a consultant? It is to their benefit that your business is profitable.  We come to you, check things out, make suggestions for change, and then – bring them in and bring them back.

2017 update: Eve Bushman Consulting specializes on restaurants, wineries and bar campaigns.

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